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Electric Bow Tie


A crazy blinking and bleeping bow tie theremin – the perfect geek accessory for any formal occasion. LED colors may vary. Kit requires assembly.

Electric Bow Tie project page

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Product Description

The Electric Bow Tie is an electronic kit with a circuit board shaped and sized like a real bow tie, and colored classic black. Once assembled, a piece of ribbon can be anchored through the board’s central mounting holes, making it easy to wear at the collar of a dress shirt or tied around a ponytail.

Electric Bow Tie project page

The bow tie plays melodic beeping sounds while blinking a pair of jumbo LEDs. The pitch of the digital music is controlled by the level of illumination on a photo-sensor mounted at the tie’s “knot”, so theremin-like pitch controls are possible by waving your hand over the tie to shade it. The bow tie works best indoors, in a room with moderate lighting.

The Electric Bow Tie kit includes the parts needed to construct your own neck-based electronic accessory. You’ll also need a 9V battery, and a soldering iron, solder, and wire cutters to complete the kit. The contents are simple through-hole parts, so it’s easy to solder even for a beginner.

Bow Tie - off


Please visit the Electric Bow Tie project page for complete details, video, and assembly instructions.

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