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A sample of vintage Macintosh games. Compatible with most vintage Macintosh models except the Mac 128K and 512K. 800K disk.

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Product Description

This disk contains a collection of vintage Macintosh games. Play your old favorites!

  • Rogue – The dungeon-crawler that defined a genre.
  • Risk – The classic strategy board game.
  • ShufflePuck – Air hockey in an outer space cantina.
  • Missile Command – Defend your cities from incoming missiles.
  • Space Invaders – Shoot the incoming waves of aliens.
  • Klondike – Five different solitaire variations.
  • Glider – Keep your paper airplane aloft and explore the house.
  • Lode Runner – Gather all the gold in this platform jumping game.
  • Zork I – Infocom’s classic text adventure. Dungeons, magic, and humor.

This is not a startup disk. You’ll first need to boot your Mac from another disk that contains system software, before running the games on this disk.

This is an 800K disk. Not compatible with the Mac 128K or Mac 512K.

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