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Floppy Emu
Plug-and-play disk emulation for your vintage Macintosh, Apple II, or Lisa computer.

Floppy Emu Model B – with Model B Extension Cable

Universal Case for any Floppy Emu, Clear Acrylic

Vintage Software Collection SD Card

Floppy Emu Model A – with Universal Adapter Extension Cable

Floppy Emu Model A – with Standard Adapter Extension Cable

Universal Adapter Extension Cable for Model A

Apple Disk Drive A/B Switch


Mac ROM-inator
Add a bootable ROM disk to your compact Macintosh, change the startup sound, edit the icons, hack the code.

Mac ROM-inator Kit


Backwoods Logger
Graph temperature, altitude, and pressure data while on the move.

Backwoods Logger Mini

Backwoods Logger Classic Kit

BL Sync Adapter


Electric Bow Tie
A crazy bleeping bow tie theremin – the perfect geek accessory for any formal occasion.

Electric Bow Tie 3000 Kit


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