Custom Keymap Tool for ADB-USB Wombat


This tool creates customized keyboard mappings for the Big Mess o' Wires ADB-USB Wombat board. The Wombat converts USB keystrokes to ADB, and ADB keystrokes to USB. The two conversion modes have separate mapping tables; you can modify one or both tables. For best results the control, shift, and capslock keys should not be remapped.

For international (ISO) keyboards:For USB to ADB conversion, the table entries for key codes 0x35 and 0x64 will be swapped when in ISO mode. For ADB to USB conversion, the table entries for key codes 0x0A and 0x32 will be swapped when in ISO mode.

For ADB to USB mapping: Some ADB keyboards don't use the key codes for RightShift, RightControl, and RightOption. They will report the corresponding left-side key codes instead, even when the right-side key is pressed.


Installing Your Custom Keymap

Wombat firmware version 0.3.0 or later is required when using a custom keymap. Version 0.3.5 or later is required if remapping the Power Key or changing mouse wheel keys. After editing the keymap tables, click the button at the bottom of the page to download your new keymaps.hex file. Copy this file to a USB flash drive. Disconnect all power from the Wombat board, set the board’s jumpers to select USB-to-ADB mode, and plug the flash drive directly into the board’s USB-A port (do not use a hub). Hold the board’s power key button while you connect the power and turn on the board. Continue to hold the button for a few seconds, until the board's status LEDs blink slowly together, once per second. If something goes wrong, see the LED status codes.

If you make a mistake, you can restore the default key mapping with the "reset to defaults" button. Then download and install the default keymaps.hex file as described above.

This keymap tool is written entirely in javascript, and you can see how it works by inspecting the page source. Bug fixes and UI improvements are welcome.

List of USB HID keyboard scan codes: here (see section 7)
List of ADB keyboard scan codes: here


USB to ADB key code mappings


ADB to USB key code mappings