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Floppy Emu – Apple II Demo Video

11 minutes of unrehearsed video showing off the new Apple II firmware features of Floppy Emu. And you get to see what a mess my desk is.

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  1. Jordan Werthman - July 9th, 2015 11:59 pm

    Hey Steve,

    I’m a recently graduate computer engineering major and I’ve really enjoyed lurking on your site the past year; I’ve been collecting old computers for a little while and recently started working on a 6502 SBC….

    Anyway, I purchased a FloppyEmu a few months back for my 512k Fat Mac with a broken floppy drive and am really impressed with your work on it, congratulations on finally finishing support.

    More to the point, I’m really interested in getting an Apple IIc and while this may be a really stupid question, I noticed a few place where you mentioned it’d be dangerous to plug an “Apple II” FloppyEmu into a Mac and vice versa, so since it can only be powered while plugged in how do you safely switch between modes?

    Thank you for all your work and sorry for the long winded post.

  2. Steve Chamberlin - July 10th, 2015 6:56 am

    It’s actually not vice-versa – the concern is only when plugging an “Apple II mode” Floppy Emu into a Mac. You can switch to Mac mode while connected to the Apple II, then move the board.

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