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Smartport Firmware Update

I’ve posted a new version of the Apple II firmware for Floppy Emu, that addresses some issues with Smartport hard disk emulation on the Apple IIc and IIc+:

  • Fixed a display bug with ProDOS disk names on the LCD
  • All Smartport disks should now be detected during the first cold boot – no warm restart necessary
  • Apple IIc+ can now use the internal 3.5 inch floppy drive simultaneously with external emulated Smartport disks

You can download the new firmware here: apple-II-0.1J3-F6

On the Apple IIc and IIGS, you can have up to four Smartport disks, which will appear as slot 5 drives 1 and 2, and slot 2 drives 1 and 2. On the Apple IIc+, slot 5 drive 1 is the internal 3.5 inch drive, and the computer is limited to using at most three Smartport disks.

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