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ADB-USB Wombat Update – Power Key Fix

Hi! This is Alice. I’ll be helping out with some of the engineering work at BMOW.

Version 0.3.6 for the ADB-USB Wombat is now available. The Wombat is a bidirectional ADB-to-USB and USB-to-ADB converter for keyboards and mice. Connect modern USB keyboards and mice to a classic ADB-based Macintosh, Apple IIgs, or NeXT, or connect legacy ADB input hardware to a USB-based computer running Windows, OSX, or Linux.

The new version fixes a small bug with the Power Key in ADB to USB mode. This fix enables the Wombat to register the Power Key being held at the same time as another key, allowing it to be useful in different mappings such as a Fn key.

The Wombat is available now on the BMOW store!

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2 Comments so far

  1. Avi - June 25th, 2021 1:08 pm

    Welcome, Alice!

  2. Jake - June 25th, 2021 9:14 pm

    Hi Alice, thank you so much for the fix!

    I originally identified this bug after spending hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t script an extra function layer to work on my AEKII. I assumed it was the software to blame, but after setting up logging of key events I figured out what was going on and e-mailed Steve the details.

    I wasn’t sure if it would get fixed since I figured it was a niche use case but I’m super happy to see that it has been. I’ve tested 0.3.6 and as you say it now works exactly as it should. Great work, thanks again.



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