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My First Amateur Ham Radio Contact Attempt

My new interest in amateur radio is taking off. After a couple of weeks studying, I took the ham Tech and General license exams on Saturday, and passed them both. Today the FCC updated their license database and created a new call sign for me, which means I can now legally transmit on the amateur radio bands. With my freshly-awarded operator’s license and a new radio, I tried getting on the air for the first time. It didn’t go exactly according to plan.

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  1. Gary Rechter - March 29th, 2022 9:05 am

    Saw the video on YouTube. Congratulations.

    Join a local ham club. Get advice and learn from the members.
    Try going on a club’s UHF/VHF net meetings on the repeater.
    You can listen to the nets to learn the rhythm of the conversations and later figure out what settings may need to be modified, while in an environment where you know there are people talking, as opposed to randomly seeking contacts.
    At least that worked for me.

    My first contact was on a net meeting using an HT in a field near my home.
    A better antenna than the one supplied with the radio is also the first thing everyone tells you.

    I am currently setting up an HF station while studying for my General test.
    I look at this as an ongoing learning experience.
    With the club you can go to field day and other events and see where the hobby may take you.

    Good luck.


    Gary Rechter KD2WZC

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