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ADB-USB Wombat Firmware 0.3.8 – Caps Lock Mod

Firmware version 0.3.8 is now available for the Wombat ADB-to-USB input converter. This version fixes a minor problem with the latching Caps Lock key on ADB keyboards in ADB-to-USB translation mode. If you accidentally bumped the Caps Lock key without depressing it fully, you could sometimes end up with Caps Lock enabled even though the key wasn’t latched down. Firmware 0.3.8 resolves this little annoyance. You can download the latest Wombat firmware from the project home page.

Are you new to the Wombat? It’s a bidirectional ADB-to-USB and USB-to-ADB converter for keyboards and mice. With the Wombat you can connect modern USB keyboards and mice to a vintage computer like an ADB-based Macintosh, Apple IIgs, or NeXT. Or you can do the reverse, and hook up vintage ADB keyboards and mice to a modern USB-based computer running Windows, OSX, or Linux. Want to rock an AEK II on your new M2 MacBook Air? The Wombat is your solution. Get yours now from the BMOW Store.

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