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2 GB Disk Images with Floppy Emu


A few months ago I added a hard disk feature to Floppy Emu: HD20-compatible disk emulation, with disk images up to 2 GB! Unfortunately many people didn’t see the news, and I continue hearing from folks who are unaware their Emu can do anything more than 800K or 1440K floppy images. If you’ve got a Floppy Emu board and a Mac 128K, 512K, 512Ke, Plus, SE, Classic, Classic II, Portable, IIci, IIsi, or LC: your machine supports HD20-compatible disks! Install the latest HD20 alternate firmware now, and start working with giant disk images large enough to hold your entire vintage software collection. You can download the alternate firmware from the Floppy Emu product page.

The HD20 alternate firmware also supports switching back to floppy emulation mode, for those times when you need it. Press the SELECT button while the Emu is displaying its version info on the LCD, and it will show a menu for choosing between hard disk and floppy emulation modes.

Happy hacking!

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