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USB Wombat Parts Shortage

I’m forecasting an extended out-of-stock period this summer for the Wombat ADB-USB Keybord/Mouse Converter. One of the Wombat’s parts is currently out of stock everywhere, and the manufacturer is advertising 16 weeks lead time for delivery of more parts. There are still enough Wombats on hand to cover a few more weeks of typical sales volume, but then it will probably be October before more are available. If you’ve been considering getting a Wombat, you should order it now or be prepared to wait until autumn.

The Wombat is a bidirectional ADB-to-USB and USB-to-ADB converter for keyboards and mice.

  • Connect modern USB keyboards and mice to a classic ADB-based Macintosh, Apple IIgs, or NeXT
  • Connect legacy ADB input hardware to a USB-based computer running Windows, OSX, or Linux

No special software or drivers are needed – just plug it in and go. Now you can finally use a modern optical mouse with your vintage Macintosh, or amuse your coworkers with a retro ADB keyboard on your work machine. ADB-USB Wombat is an indispensable tool for Apple collectors and enthusiasts.

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2 Comments so far

  1. Fred - June 20th, 2019 9:27 pm

    You got a plug for the Wombat by Andy Inhatko on the podcast “MacBreak Weekly” as his Pick Of The Week, so you may run out a little quicker than anticipated.

  2. Krishna - July 19th, 2019 6:44 pm

    My Wombat arrived a few days ago. I finally had a chance to test it out this evening, using both an old Apple IIgs keyboard as well as a recently resuscitated Mac Extended Keyboard 2. The Wombat works great!!

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