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Yellowstone Firmware 221024, Total Replay and Reset

Firmware version 221024 is now available for the Yellowstone Universal Disk Controller for Apple II. This is the first new firmware since Yellowstone was released, and it fixes two unrelated problems with reset handling and with the NMOS version of the 6502 CPU. The reset handling issue could cause disk I/O to stop working after pressing Control-Reset (not Control-Apple-Reset like is frequently used to reboot an Apple II). The Total Replay collection of games also exposed a subtle problem with Yellowstone on the NMOS 6502, which is used in the unenhanced Apple IIe and the Apple II+, causing Total Replay to freeze during startup on these computers. Firmware 221024 resolves both issues. You can download the latest Yellowstone firmware from the project home page.

Yellowstone is a universal disk controller card for Apple II computers. It supports nearly every type of Apple disk drive ever made, including standard 3.5 inch drives, 5.25 inch drives, smart drives like the Unidisk 3.5 and the BMOW Floppy Emu’s smartport hard disk, and even Macintosh 3.5 inch drives. Yellowstone combines the power of an Apple 3.5 Disk Controller Card, a standard 5.25 inch (Disk II) controller card, the Apple Liron controller, and more, all in a single card. Get yours now from the BMOW Store.

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