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Mac ROM-inator Kit Back in Stock

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After a long absence, the Mac ROM-inator Kit is back in stock at the BMOW store. The ROM-inator replaces the stock 64K or 128K of ROM in a compact Macintosh with a full 1 MB of flash memory. Once installed, the flash ROM’s contents can be updated from within the running Macintosh, allowing for a bootable ROM disk and crazy customization possibilities. It’s compatible with the Macintosh Plus, 512Ke, 512K, and 128K.

The kit includes preprogrammed flash chips with the following ROM changes as defaults. Any of them can be changed by updating the flash memory with a simple GUI tool.

  • Startup beep is replaced by a glass “ping”
  • Happy Mac icon is replaced by a Mac wearing sunglasses
  • Pirate icon is displayed while waiting to load the ROM disk
  • ROM disk image including System 6, utilities, and games
  • 128K ROM code turns a Mac 128K or 512K into a 128Ke or 512Ke

Get Them While They Last

This will most likely be the final batch of Mac ROM-inator Kits, so if you’ve been wanting one, get it now! The ROM-inator is nice bit of technology, but when I put on my businessman hat I must admit it hasn’t been a great product. Stuffing the kits and pre-programming the ROMs is very time-intensive, and isn’t something I wish to continue doing. Instead, I’ve documented a “Make Your Own Kit” parts list and instructions for DIY builders. But for those who prefer a pre-packed kit, you can still get it while supplies last.

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3 Comments so far

  1. Josh - February 12th, 2018 1:35 pm

    I could see why you might want to discontinue these. At $29 you’re probably only making 15 dollars after expenses and that’s not including your time. Why not raise the price to $50? That way, at least you’ll still offer them, and also, sell them for 60 each on Ebay with free shipping.

    Maybe you can also try your compression on the disk image?


  2. Steve - February 12th, 2018 2:54 pm

    A different price might help, but might drive sales even lower than they already are – about 20 per year. It’s just too low-volume to be worth the significant time and energy it takes to maintain, or to pursue improvements like compression. I’d rather document the design so that other people can pursue it if they wish, then spend my time on something else.

  3. Steve - February 16th, 2018 7:21 am

    …and they’re gone. Thanks for all the interest!

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