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Acrylic Cases Back in Stock

Acrylic cases for the BMOW Floppy Emu and ADB-USB Wombat are back in stock. If you’ve been waiting for one of these, your wait is over. The Floppy Emu cases were held up longer than expected due to international shipping delays, which continue to be a major challenge. The Wombat cases are made locally, but the manufacturer has mostly transitioned to making emergency medical protective equipment and is processing other work slowly. To compound the problem, the first delivery of Wombat cases were somehow mis-cut at 15/16ths the correct size. The whole batch had to be thrown in the trash, and new cases re-cut. Sometimes even the simple things are hard!

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3 Comments so far

  1. Vincent - May 30th, 2020 10:30 pm

    Nice !

    Just placed an order with full package including noisy disk, useless, and therefore the most indispensable !

    Hope now shipping trouble to Europe are also over !

  2. James Shackel - June 2nd, 2020 5:33 pm

    I just noticed I lost a plastic nut and bolt for my case. Any way I may order spares?

  3. Steve - June 3rd, 2020 6:17 am

    Send me a direct email with your order details, and I can get you replacements.

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